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Cray-Z Weekly News Update: New Mic comin in the mail next week, ima have some fire ready

for yall. I been writin some shit for nextweek to stay on top of my game foreal. But ima keep yall

updated on this shit everyweek.

Derdy Entertainment!

Cray-Z Muh Fuckaz Biography:

Hey Yall, Its Cray-Z. Four years ago i went by the name "Chris Baker" . I

started at the age of 13 and im 17 years old now. My birthday is December 30th, 1992.Back then it

wasn't easy. so i picked up on rappin because my homies Filth-E(The Derdy Prince) & Majix(The Rap

Magician) told me i would have some talent if i started because i had the voice for it. But anyway,

when i first started i couldn't stay on beat worth a shit, but as the years came on i started improving

on my skill. I had alot of people tell me rappin wasn't my thing and i showed em wrong and now

majority of those people who told me i would never make it in the industry are those fans that i have

out there who bump my music daily. Now look at me i been rappin since and anything anyone says i

just let it go through one ear and out the other because who's goin on tour in 2011, ME and my dudes

(Filth-E & Majix) who stuck by me when i thought i couldn't do it. So, my word to yalls ears is if you

have something you're doing that you really love, go for it because its not always going to be there.

Keep that in mind.