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Majix News Update Of The Week: Workin On The Album And Workin On Keeping This

Site Fresh And Clean For Everybody.. Look Out For A.O.D And Look Out For The 18 Track "Path To

NoWhere LP" COMING VERY SOON! And Also The Comeback Of The Darkside Boyz Soon To Drop

A Mixtape With That  Get At Me.. .. 100

Majix Biography:

2004- Majix Started Rappin, Majix Then Went By Yung Wyte And Got Connected With Filthe Who

Was Then Known As"Eazy The Unholy" And Later That Year Formed The R.i.P Rydaz With Cray-Z

Who Was Known As " Lil C "

2005- Majix Releases " The New Beggining" His First Ever Album And Then Majix Changed His Name

From "YungWyte" To "Hollowtip" And Released " The Riptown  King" Early In The Year Of 2005, Pp

l Began To Listen More And More That Year After The Quality Cleared Up And The Flow Started

Coming Together And Started Gettin Recognized More And More Locally, No Further Albums Were

Released In 2005.

2006- Majix And Filth-E Start "The Darkside Boyz" And Release Alot Of Tracks Together As A Group

Really 2006 WasAll For The Group Only A Unknown Mixtape Was Released This Year From Majix

And Majix Worked On Alot Of Collabs In 2006

2007- Majix Cliques up With C4 Aka " Bram THe Prodigy" an Cray-Z To Create The 937 Boyz, The

937 Boyz Was Only For A Few Songs And Was Dropped Pretty Quick, Majix Then Drops "R.i.p

HipHop" For This 2nd Album Release

2008- Majix Releases "The Dead And Gone Mixtape" And Drop Another Album "Gameover" Then

Cliques Up With Derdy Ent Owned By Filth-E, Towards The End Of The Year He Moves Down South

And Relocates In Bay st. Louis Mississippi All The Way Up To 2010

2010- 937 Boyz Are Back With Majix And C4 They Drop The Mixtape " Kickin It In The Industry" Soon

After That Majix Drops Inhale The Flow Prt. 1, Be On The Look Out For Inhale The Flow Prt.2 And

Majix Album Coming Soon " Path To No Where" Also Look Out For The Darkside Boyz Album.