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Sir Skinny Loc News Updates: I aint been doin shit here lately really since I moved back to the show me.

But, I got an album in the works for yall. Its all new shit, maybe a couple old cuts but they will be fresh

. Other then that, I aint really been up to shit. Thats me for the week.

Sir Skinny Loc Biography: Well, I started rapping around 1999 or 2000, I was more into free

styling with people in school. I lived in  Cape Girardeau Missouri and the music scene around there

wasnt very big so what I was doing was all shit I came up with by myself.  I recorded my first track with

my nigga young rome back in 2005, it was a real condenser mic with a real mixer and everything. The

quality was good. From there I recorded a few tracks here and there until Filth-E opened up the door

for me to goto Ohio and make things happen a little more in 2007. In Ohio I recorded  1 mixtape "The

No Mercy Mixtape" and one cd "Skinnys Land". I featured on 6 albums. The last track I recorded was

in late 2009 before I went to jail then moved back to Missouri where I reside now.