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Filth-E Weekly News Update: I aint really doin shit, just workin on AoD and this website. Filling

out the paperwork for the AoD Tour and getting things setup for the cd in general. Its a bitch and

extremely time consuming.  But im gettin it in for the Derdy World. The new is gonna be super fuckin

fresh, nothing less but possibly more. So thats my weekly update. and oh yea, this site that you see

right now is only a temporary fix. There is a flash site in the works. We just needed somethin up, there

are too many questions being asked with no way to answer them. So BE DERDY ! 1 Love peace.


Filth-E Biography: Well I started around 1998 - 2000 with Skinny. All we did was freestyle and

record on cassette tapes. I was shy but I would freestyle at school without a problem. I moved from

Missouri  in about 2003 or 2004 to come to Ohio where I recorded my first album as Easy The Unholy.

After about 4 albums later as Easy The Unholy, I met up with Majix (known as yung wyte) and im not

exactly sure what year that was, I think it was 2004. Then after a short run with Misanthrope, I was

dropped. From there I Changed my name to Filth-E The Derdy Prince and came up with Derdy

Entertainment. Several shows, tours, albums, features, hours in the studio and years later im here

today putting this website together for my derdy people. Short n Sweet. There yuh go.